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We are Los Jarritos restaurant, your ultimate destination for authentic Mexican cuisine. Founded in 1986 by Mexican immigrant, Pedro Lopez, Los Jarritos Restaurant first opened its doors in Pomona, California. Today, Los Jarritos Restaurant continues to rank among the top dining destinations in the community. Our timeless recipes have served families across generations and continue to attract new customers daily. At Los Jarritos, you will experience bold Mexican flavors! Buen Provecho!

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    Los Jarrittos has been the best restaurant since I was a young man growing up in Pomona. The restaurant started with a small spot on 2nd street and opened up a bigger spot on north Garey Ave. the food hasn't changed and the price has always been right.

    - Art Garcia

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    This is a Excellent place to eat Mexican Food. I've been gone from Cali for 5 years and really miss this true mexi food. Their nacho's are outstanding. The salsa is to die for. I would really like to get the green sauce, salsa recipes so I can enjoy the same food here in Colorado. It has been so long in waiting for the taste. When we come to Cali we always stop in. Its very addicting. To expand here in Aurora would be so exciting.

    - Terry Harper

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    My husband has been coming here since he was a kid and he loves it, I would have to agree with him. It is delicious. This place is always packed, but the service is good and the food is amazing. We went again this past Sunday and we saw people carrying in their own pots in for the menudo. I counted about 5 people doing this(it must be good). I stick to the classics, enchiladas, tacos and sopes! They are the best! I love their rice and beans too! Quick, fast friendly service with good food, what a good find!

    - Kristen L.

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    Me and my family have been coming here since I was a little girl ! Now this place is the real deal when it comes to my Mexican Food ! Highly recommend !

    - Maribel Marleen


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